• Deborah Holcomb, DSHomMed

Quarantine Phase One

So as we are faced with a set of unique 'quarantine' circumstances and possibilities of a new global status quo, what does this mean to our overall health and well being?

How do we navigate this unknown terrane with it's changing dynamics in our home, work and school lives as they collide into a new baseline of normal; and how can we take steps to support ourselves, our family and our community respectfully, mindfully and emotionally?

We as leading members of The Center for New Life, LLC based in Columbus, Ohio; Shane McClellan, Jessica Bandy and myself, Deborah Holcomb invite you to join us as we embark on brief and frequent discussions regarding health and dealing with quarantine. More information about The Center for New Life may be found at: http://www.centerfornewlife.org/

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