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Homeopathy has one great advantage over other forms of therapy because the indicated remedy is chosen by the symptoms specific to the patient.  A remedy can be found for conditions, regardless of whether a definitive medical diagnosis can be established or not. In conventional medicine, even with the finest modern methods of examination, the causes of many disorders are not readily found and, not finding a cause, the conventional doctor may not be able to offer adequate treatment. Such a deficiency may be addressed with homeopathy when a remedy protocol is made exclusively based upon the patient’s symptoms and unique needs.


Another advantage of homeopathy is that it is truly safe, gentle and effective. The remedies can be used safely with all other forms of conventional treatment without interference.  The remedies are prepared in such dilution that they are absolutely harmless and without any adverse side effects, even to the most delicate constitution or frailest infant. The remedies are easily given and readily acceptable, even to children at ages when it is almost impossible to get them to accept other tablets or compounds. Also, the remedies are inexpensive; the most potent of the homeopathic remedies cost the patient no more than a few dollars.


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