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Remedies | Of the more than 5,000 remedies available in homeopathy, the uniqueness of the individual drives ultimately which remedy is best suited.  The raw material of a substance is diluted in a specific manner that removes the raw molecular structure of the substance while agitating the remainder of the solution into the remedy.  The intensity of the remedy is determined by the amount of times it has gone through the scientific process of succussion and dilution.  Unlike conventional medicines that suppress ones symptoms, homeopathy remedies are proven on healthy human beings not animals.

Remedies help with health issues

Insomnia |Lack of sleep is a huge contributing factor with an individual’s quality of life.  When you are not sleeping you are not able to give your body the time needed to repair and restore itself.  Homeopathy is used with much success in re-establishing better sleep cycles when a properly selected remedy is applied. 


Insomnia can be the result of many different influences including anxiety, worry, lack of physical activity, diet, as well as environmental influences.  From the homeopathic approach, a more in depth look is taken to include a broader individual view to determine any and all contributing factors that may have been previously overlooked.

Homeopathy helps with insomnia | Empowering Better Health | Columbus Ohio | Ohio | Homeopathy | Deb Holcomb

Food Sensitivities | A true food allergy differs from food sensitivity or intolerance. When a patient develops hives or anaphylactic shock after exposure to a certain substance that is a true allergy. It involves the immune system and can be life threatening. An example of this would be the peanut allergy that is now seen quite often in children. 


Food sensitivity or intolerance is a more common/broader problem. These issues are characterized by nasal congestion, gas, heartburn, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea – even distant symptoms such as a migraine or leg pains.

Homoeopathic treatment of food allergies can be very beneficial as it treats food allergies by optimizing the overcharged immune system. Homeopathy views food allergies as an expression of a disturbance in the patient’s healing system. Food allergies are not a disease to be cured in themselves, but a reflection of an underlying imbalance.  Food sensitivity or intolerance can be treated by homeopathic medicines that are specific to that particular problem. 

Food Sensitivities
Homeopathy helps with food sensitivities | Empowering Better Health | Columbus Ohio | Ohio | Homeopathy | Deb Holcomb

InfantsAs Homeopathy is totally safe for use, and can be very effective in treating common ailments with regard to children and infants such as rashes, mild colds, painful teething, colic and insomnia without side effects.


Gripe water is a well-known, useful remedy for babies as they move through a colicky stage at 6-8 weeks of age.  Homeopathy can also assist with establishing better sleeping patterns or soothing separation anxieties when an appropriate remedy is used.


Empowering Better Health

Behavioral | When facing behavioral issues in children or adults, it can be very frustrating and take us out of our range of comfort.  For those individuals that are irrational or exploitive, they can be easily triggered and people around them are unsure as to how to interact or deal with the behaviors.


For example, there are remedies which assist in calming, sleeping, focus, concentration and soothing.  Be it an infant with separation anxieties, a child with problems in school, fear of the dark, thunderstorms or animals, teenage growing pains, or adults facing addictions, fears such as claustrophobia, agoraphobia, heights, safety, or anticipated anxiety such as stage fright or testing, homeopathy can be very helpful.

Homeopathy helps with behavioral issues | Empowering Better Health | Columbus Ohio | Ohio | Homeopathy | Deb Holcomb

Nutrition Although homeopathy involves the use of remedies to help in the support of the body healing itself, it also works to sort out any deficiencies or nutritional supplementation that may further fortify the body.


Empowering Better Health, LLC utilizes many of the philosophies used by Dr. Glenn Aukerman, MD.  Dr. Aukerman is a family medicine doctor in Lima, Ohio and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Ohio State University Hospital and Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. He received his medical degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and has been in practice for 50 years.

Fruits and Vegetables

AnxietiesStress can arise from any area in a person’s life. Common stressors can be shifts in our lives as simple as having a new baby, getting married, academic pressures, health concerns, change in residence, employment or relationship status to name but only few.


Homeopathy impacts individual dynamics to determine points of stress resulting in depleted vitality.  It can be used to reduce anxiety, move through grief and loss, and to adjust more easily to the ever changing stimuli in our lives.


Homeopathy helps with stress and anxiety | Empowering Better Health | Columbus Ohio | Ohio | Homeopathy | Deb Holcomb

Pain ManagementHomeopathy can help successfully minimize and/or relieve pain as a result of an accident, overdoing it at the gym or chronic imbalances such as headaches or even joint issues.  Additionally, it can safely be used to improve healing responses when administered before and after surgeries, during pregnancy and childbirth.


When facing sudden shock, grief, loss or duress, emotional and mental traumas can be relieved with the use of certain remedies. Homeopathy can soothe emotional and mental faculties allowing an individual to process those experiences and align into a better state of homeostasis and balance.


Pain Management
Homeopathy manages pain | Empowering Better Health | Columbus Ohio | Ohio | Homeopathy | Deb Holcomb

AddictionsIn homeopathy it is important to understand environmental and other influences that could be causing disruption and/or craving (addiction) in the individual.  This disruption can be indicated when certain signs and symptoms are displayed by the body. 


As the homeopath inquires about areas including dehydration, cravings (addiction), malnutrition and environmental exposures, the information gathered can determine what a person may have been compensating for over time and the homeopathic practitioner can develop the improve the imbalance.


Many autoimmune disorders have clusters of symptoms which actually indicate deficiencies which when supplemented properly, can reverse the symptoms.  Continued exposures to food additives, sodas (carbonation), household chemicals, tap waters, airborne impurities and toxins can result in a lack of vital minerals and vitamins.  These exposures can cause a process of self-soothing to occur and present in the form of cravings for sugar, tobacco, cannabis, high carbohydrate intake, alcohol and drugs. 


Once the body is supported with the proper balance of needed minerals and vitamins, the cravings often become less intense and will eventually disappear.


Homeopathy helps cravings | Empowering Better Health | Columbus Ohio | Ohio | Homeopathy | Deb Holcomb

Pets |Homeopathy's proven benefits are not limited to people.  In addition, homeopathy has been used quite successfully with various animals including cats, dogs, horses and even fish.  It has been used for digestive, skin, and glandular issues as well as anxiety and behavioral irregularities.

Homeopathy pet health | Empowering Better Health | Columbus Ohio | Ohio | Homeopathy | Deb Holcomb

AllergiesHaving symptoms associated with a cold such as watery eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat and frequent sneezing is incredibly inconvenient as well as uncomfortable.  Homeopathy can help if you face these or other similar symptoms including itchy rashes when exposed to certain animals, bug bites, certain fabrics, seasonal variations, poison ivy or airborne irritants.


Homeopathy is successful in relieving the discomfort from these types of allergies with effective treatments by matching the correct remedy to the unique symptoms displayed by the individual. 


Homeopathy relieves allergies | Empowering Better Health | Columbus Ohio | Ohio | Homeopathy | Deb Holcomb

Overexertion Overexertion is a form of stress that can occur after excessive exercise, emotionally and/or physically demanding situations and without proper compensation of the right foods, rest and hydration the body will lose vitality.  When the body is taxed, pushed, exerted and impressed upon, residual effects can present in the way of sore muscles, joints and tendons.


Homeopathy looks at the frequency and source of this type of stress to determine what remedies can assist with supporting the body back into balance.



Over Exhertion
Homeopathy reduces stress | Empowering Better Health | Columbus Ohio | Ohio | Homeopathy | Deb Holcomb
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