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In the initial session, the primary objective is to gain a thorough understanding of your current complaints, health and the symptoms you are experiencing.  Our goal is to identify a homeopathic protocol which matches you.


During this confidential and in-depth ‘case-taking’ process, we will look at the details of your current illness, while considering other aspects of your health including past medical history, diet, lifestyle and personality.


You will be asked many questions and some of them will seem strange for those not used to homeopathy.  The purpose of this interaction is to build the complete story of your unique make-up.


Homeopathy is a holistic medicine and as such, takes into account all aspects of the individual and their symptoms before developing an effective treatment program.  Homeopathy can be used along side all other modalities of medicine without concern for any counter indications.  For those who live outside the Columbus, OH area, phone / video consultations are also available.  Office hours are Monday-Saturday.

To arrange for an Appointment its EASY, simply click on the appropriate button or image below.

Remote Learning
Empowering Better Health - Case Taking
Empowering Better Health - Follow up
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Allow up to two hours for this session depending on the complexity of the case.*


This service is provided as a follow up after the initial consultation and is an hour.*

Please note an Initial Consult is compulsory if you are a New Client.


This service is a mini follow up consultation and lasts 30 minutes.*  

Please note an Initial Consult is compulsory if you are a New Client.

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