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Homeopathy for the Holidays! | December 2020 

  • STOCKING UP: Health Support for the Holidays!

  • Quest for Vitality!

  • Building a Health Care Team

  • Clearing the Chaos: Consuelo Cassotti  - 3 Free Tibetan Bowl Downloads:

1 - Remembering your Soul and the Divine Connection to your Source Energy 

2 - Heart Opening

3 -  Fortifying Positive energy and bringing 432hz harmony into your energy field



Lecture Handout:   Homeopathy Must Have Remedies | March 2017



Homeopathy & Children

Lecture Handout:   Remedies for Children | May 2015



Homeopathy & First Aid

Lecture Handout:   First Aid & Must Have Remedies | February 2015



Fever and Homeopathy (click here to open the article)

Publication:        Healing Naturally | September / October 2014


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Homeopathy is effective | Empowering Better Health | Columbus Ohio | Ohio | Homeopathy | Deb Holcomb

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