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Better Health in 120 Days | Dr. Glen Auckerman



Dr. Glen Aukerman, MD, former medical director of The Ohio State University Center for Integrative Medicine, sees patients from throughout the world who are seeking alternative approaches to health care.  He has served as Chair of the University’s Department of Family Practice, and as President of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He is well published in peer-reviewed medical journals, received significant awards and recognition for clinical excellence, and has also served as Deputy Director and Chief Medical Officer at the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration’s National Practitioner Database.


Dr. Auckerman’s integrative approach to better health is a detailed but efficient (120 pages) look at the reasons for today’s chronic disease epidemic, and can benefit anyone from those with less than perfect health, to those who are terminally ill. He shares his success in over 35,000 patients covering the last 12+ years resulting from his evidence-based research and subsequent development of a protocol of diagnosis and genomic-specific nutritional therapy resulting in the restoration of health.


His book is filled with patient anecdotes, and covers the spectrum of chronic diseases familiar to every primary care provider, endocrinologist and cardiologist.





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