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Kristi W.  | Deb Holcomb helped me heal from an acute illness that I couldn't get relief or healing from with traditional medicine. I had also dealt with symptoms from auto-immune issues for almost 20 years and now almost all of my symptoms are gone (Water on lung, lupus, sjogrens, and arthritus) and the few that remain have been greatly diminished. This is the best way I have found to experience good health and a greater sense of well-being. 




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Becky K | I would say my expereince differed from traditional medicine in the fact there are absolutely no adverse side effects.  What surprised me was, contrary to other homeopathic medicine I've taken, there was only one dose.  After taking the dose, my overall sense of well being was strong and I felt positive toward my journey to recovery.  Improvement was not only physical, but mental/emotional as well. 

Knowing the treatment was designed specifically for me based on my "whole" self provided additional comfort the treatment worked on what I need which is different than the next person.   


Katherine C | I sought out Deb’s services in June 2014 for help with my acne. I had minimal knowledge about homeopathy before seeing Deb, and was seeking a more natural way to relieve my acne. Little did I know what a huge impact her services would have on my overall physical and mental well being. At my assessment, she identified my issues with anxiety, low energy, brain fog, poor sleeping, eating habits and gave me remedies and recommended vitamins that would relieve these symptoms. It is amazing that in 3 months how much my life has changed. I realize that is quite a dramatic statement, and it is true. My mood and energy had lifted and I have never felt better in my life. I am in the mental health field and have comments from co-workers about how much they have noticed a change. I would recommend Deb to anyone who wants to take charge of their health and life, in feeling the best they can feel.


Deb makes you feel better just talking and listening to you and responds to any questions or concerns in a very timely manner. Deb is such a gift and so happy that she has helped me.


Pat D | Making changes to the way one lives their life is not for the light of heart.  I know this to be true because I am currently on such a path and it has been Deb Holcomb who has kept me there.


When I first started working with Deb I had been diagnosed with Stage IV inoperable lung cancer and had completed chemo and radiation therapies. My brain was dull and my emotions were ground down to the point that I could not reach them. Deb helped me change all of that. Through her extensive knowledge of homeopathy and supplementation, she helped bring me back into a world of the living.


Deb was instrumental in my becoming a patient of Dr. Glen Aukerman. Without her support and hand-holding on nearly a daily basis, I would not have been able to put into action Dr. Aukerman’s plan for a gluten free diet and extensive supplementation. In fact, she started talking to me about the ‘ins and outs’ of how to live gluten free and started me on several supplements long before my appointment became a reality. She even bought me my first copy of Better Health in 120 days.


Deb is that missing piece that is a need which most institutions do not provide today, the glue. Even as a highly motivated person, I still needed Deb to help me increase awareness of my own body and to take responsibility for what happens to it. In other words, she helped keep me on track. When I wanted to think of myself clinically, she challenged me to think emotionally. Slowing down enough to recognize that “mind-body” experience is very difficult skill to learn. It takes practice. And then more practice.


Deborah W. | I highly recommend Deb Holcomb as an outstanding homeopathic doctor.  I was one of her clients for her practicum and she is amazing.  Through her diagnosis and treatment I have had tremendous breakthroughs in my physical and emotional states.  Deb is kind, caring and professional.  Check her out and you will be amazed!





Lynn P. | My beautiful quarter horse, Stewey, was experiencing seizures, pain, and stiffness and was unable to be ridden most of last summer.  Deb listened to his symptoms and history and prescribed a remedy for him.  He was much better within 24 hours and continues to progress and get stronger. 


Deb has been a wealth of information and an inspiration to me and to my beloved animals.  

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