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Homeopathy Getting Some PRESS!

Updated: May 4, 2020

In an effort to stay current with research of supportive solutions to boost the immune system, I stumbled across this amazing article shown on MSN Lifestyle 18. It is a great piece of journalism sharing a more International view on Homeopathy and what could be it's continued role as with supporting past epidemics like Scarlet Fever.

At a time in our history with such polarizing views on the topic of vaccination, this article is quite elegant in presenting considerations made by other countries toward Homeopathy, as well as, showing an open mindedness towards alternative modalities to find support for all who are facing this pandemic.

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Next week I will be exploring information with regard to plasma therapy for this Coronavirus. A lot of attention has been focused on Tom Hanks and his courageous stand in an arena of big Pharma and small thinking.

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