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Importance of Far In-fared Therapy

Detoxification.  Embrace increased blood flow, rid the body of harsh chemicals and toxins.

Improve Immunity.  Increase immune system function and embrace year round health.

Live Longer. Studies have shown up to a 70% decrease in cardiovascular disease risk.

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THE DOME for at least 20 seconds with either warm or cold water can greatly help to keep the virus from spreading.  Make sure to get between your fingers and under your nails.  Soap breaks the capsule structure which the dormant virus is conatined within.  Once this is outer housing is broken the virus' cycle is interrupted.

Hand sanitizing frequently is also important.  Use Purell if at all possible as this is the only hand sanitizer mass produced having no carcinogens contained in it.  If hand sanitizer is unavailable, make a solution of 70% rubbing alcohol to 30% water.  This can be sprayed on the hands and used to wipe frequently used surfaces such as keys, phones, light switches, glasses (not the lenses), door handles (including cars), countertops, computer key boards (spray onto a cloth first then wipe down), pens, etc.  Carry a little spray bottle with you and have one in the car to wipe down the indoor handles, steering wheel and dials/buttons on your dashboard.  If alcohol is unavailable, hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a disinfectant.

When in public, keep a respectful distance by staying at least 6 feet or more from other individuals.  Shaking hands, hugging and sharing food and drinks with others should be restricted. 


Improve your immune system by getting plenty of rest, eating good foods, drinking plenty of water and begin taking 1000 mg of vitamin C two to three times daily.   A better, stronger immune system will be better equipped to fight off this and other viruses.  walk outside, get some sunshine and consider meditation or journal to help manage anxiety.  Stress can be impactful to the immune system.

Please see the various links below to find helpful information for strengthening the immune system and for homeopathic remedies that have been helpful should you be exposed to the virus.  The remedy I am suggesting is Bryonia 30C to be taken if any signs of flu are evident or if you are in a household with individuals infected with this virus.  Taking one or two pillets or drops every 3-4 hours while symptomatic.  The remedy will assist with lifting symptoms so the body can focus on healing itself.  There are a few others that might be of assistance if symptoms are variable from Bryonia.

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